The Vision

At 5:15 a.m., on May 14th, 2015, I was awakened by the Holy Spirit. I made my way to the kitchen and grabbed a little yellow pad, in which I started to write.

I believe this was the result of several months of praying for direction of how our ministry (CCM) could make the greatest impact, for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Mission 52 Diagram 1Over the next several hours, the Lord took me to the book of Nehemiah and showed me the parallel between the account of Nehemiah and the problems in America.

Just as the physical walls, in Jerusalem, had been broken down and the gates burned, I believe we are seeing the same thing occurring in America. However, we are seeing our spiritual walls broken, our gates burned, and the Christian remnant left in great affliction and reproach (Nehemiah 1:4).

Just like Nehemiah, we have two choices. We can sit and hope or we can stand and take action. Nehemiah heard, saw, and was broken over the condition of his homeland and he was moved to do something.

The morning of May 14th, the Lord laid on my heart that it is time for us to do something! It is time for Christians to start rebuilding the “spiritual” wall and gates in America, to engage in the spiritual battle for truth and for what is right, and to do all that we can to get the truth of the living word of God in front of others.

What is Mission 52?

The timeframe is 52 weeks a year, in 52 places.

Mission 52 Diagram 2-web

CCM will sponsor a Radio Gospel Blitz Crusade: in 60 second radio spots, CCM will present a powerful Gospel message that will blitz an area for three to five days, on their largest secular radio stations. Listeners will then be directed back to the CCM website, where they will view information on how to be saved, what they need to do after salvation, and the importance of church. We also will encourage people to contact us to pray for them, help them in getting started in their walk with Christ, and direct them to a Bible-believing church, in their area.

CCM will sponsor a Radio Revival Blitz: in 60 second and 30 minutes radio spots, CCM will present powerful messages on revival, repentance, restoration, forgiveness, and our need to stand and rebuild the wall in America. These spots will be aired on Christian radio stations, all over the country, as we beg God to use us as a tool for the next Great Awakening.

CCM’s desire is to take Truth to the world. Truth will rebuild the wall, fortify the gates, and set people free. The only way that we are going to affect the masses with Truth and rebuild the wall, is through the avenue of mass media.

How Can You Help?

Craig Mission 52Pray – Please pray, asking the Holy Spirit to go before us and anoint the radio spots, web page, and all who help produce and distribute the Gospel. Ask God to provide financial rebuilding partners, who will help rebuild the wall. Pray that we will see favor, a great Harvest, and many souls saved and revived. Also, be in prayer that we might see revival come to America and that God’s Church will arise.

Give – CCM needs your financial partnership. Nehemiah had partners who built a portion of the wall, therefore, accomplishing the task that was before them. Please prayerfully consider becoming a “Rebuilding Monthly Partner.”  We need you! Click here to give.

Share – Not only do we need your financial support, we need your influence. Would you be willing to share the vision and your partnership to encourage those, in your sphere of influence, to join our rebuilding monthly partnership?